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    Question Which Operating System you like the most?

    I'm doing my research on what people like about operating systems and which is best in terms of performance. Kindly share your Thought about each operating system you people are using and what you like the most in terms of performance, features, security and others.
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    Question Transfering All Data from Old to New iPad

    I'm helping someone transfer everything from their existing 10.3.3 iPad to a new device. What's the best way to do that? I have a Win10 PC with iTunes installed.
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    Cheap phone vs expensive phone

    In my experience I used expensive phone like iphone 6s and cheap one Redmi note 5 and its really tough to say that cheap one is not good because i am still able to do all my daily task and as i mention the cheap one is easy to replace because you don't have to pay much for it and even if its got...