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  1. kartik_subbarao

    Question Quietest cooler, case, fans, power supply for i9-14900K build

    I'm looking for suggestions on the quietest components to support a PC with the following constraints. Don't worry about cost, I'm just looking for the best technical info: CPU: i9-14900K Power: motherboard will be set to enforce stock limits: PL1 = PL2 = 253 W GPU: Nvidia RTX 4090 RAM: 192 GB...
  2. H

    Intel Core i9-9900K Ashes Of The Singularity Benchmarks

    Ashes of Singularity benchmark remains a popular prototype benchmarking tool for testers. The latest CPUs and GPUs are tested there before they are even made public. Lucky for Us, we can have information prior to the launch of particular CPU and GPU. The initial benchmarks test depends on...
  3. U

    Are AMD planning to compete in the mobile workstation / mobile gaming market?

    Looking at the new generation of HP ZBOOKs having Intel Xeon as an option and Apple's still unannounced new MacBook Pro potentially having Intel i9 as an option, are AMD planning on having Threadripper's in mobile workstations / mobile gaming sometime or even a new mobile processor to compete...
  4. A

    By when do you guys think Asus will have the new Intel Core i9 on their laptops?

    Currently I only see Asus laptops having Intel Core i7 at max, but no Core i9s. When do you folks think Asus will be placing the processor on their laptops?