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    Easiest way to install Windows 10 on computer being sold?

    So, I can install Windows 10 left and right until I'm blue in the face with no problem. However, Windows 10 Pro requires a user name and password to get to a point where I can toss on any additional software or drivers... So, how do I easily install Windows, drivers, and software on a system...
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    Need help installing a graphics card

    I am installing a GTX 1050 by Gigabyte. I have it secured in my mainboard, but I don't see anywhere for the power supply to plug into. Do some graphics cards not need the power supply to plug into? My old card the GTX 770 by msi had a six and four pin connection, please help, i'm new at this,
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    Lightweight Linux for old AMD Athlon x2 HP

    I want to use an old computer I have lying around for internet browsing and streaming. Sadly Win7 seems a bit too strenuous, so I'm looking for a lightweight Linux to use instead. Disclaimer: I'm totally new to Linux, but have lots of experience with Windows & some with Mac. I have a 2004 £250...