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i7 8700

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  1. DeadlyTitan

    i7 8700 on stock cooler, Can it turbo?

    So initially i wanted to use my salvaged Hyper 212 Evo on my i7 8700, but one of my nephews lost the mounting screws and other little stuff that come with the box, making the cooler useless since i cannot mount it. I tried buying them on but they seem to cost as much as new cooler so i was...
  2. DeadlyTitan

    Z370 Board help for i7 8700(non K)

    So i am building a pc with i7 8700(non k) CPU and having a bit of confusion in choosing the board for my build. These are the boards available to me. MSI Z370 Gaming Plus MSI Z370 A-Pro Gigabyte Z370 HD3P Asus Prime Z370 - P So among them, which one is the best? those are the only...
  3. DeadlyTitan

    Ryzen5 1600 vs i7 3770(non K) For Games

    I originally wanted to buy an i7 8700(non K), but the non availability of cheaper non overclocking motherboards drove me towards Ryzen5 My current choices are i7 3770, or go Ryzen 5 or Wait for Non overclocking motherboards to appear for i7 8700 So, between R5 1600 and i7 3770 which one of...