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    CPU for Floats crunching

    Dear all, I must upgrade my machine (FX6300) for Fortran based scientific computing, and for this purpose I am trying to compare Ryzen 1700 and i7-7700K. I found the CPU benchmarks on SiSoft website: Link: Ryzen 1700 Link: i7-7700K On these links (i.e. SiSoftware Official Ranker), the Double...
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    I would appreciate advice on these two Workstation builds

    I am building a PC for Photoshop (large images, some over 2GB, with multiple layers) and light-ish video processing using Camtasia (typical videos 1080p and under 60 mins). I want a very silent PC as I work in a small office and PC noise is a problem for voice recording. I want this PC to last...