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Forum discussion tagged with holidays.
  1. Viddyvane

    The Holiday Hotlist Giveaway

    Hey everyone! We’re finishing up another year on AnandTech we’d like to celebrate the new forum and the upcoming new year with a giveaway! Our Community Team has put together some swag just in time for the holidays. So share with us the most coveted item on your holiday wish list and you’ll...
  2. Pink Jazz

    Poll - What color do you prefer to wear on Valentine's Day?

    If you have a preferred color to wear on Valentine's Day, what color is it? For me, I always like to wear pink on Valentine's Day. Red is what I wear on Christmas. This year I plan to wear a Fairy Tale Pink IZOD polo shirt together with a pink hoodie and pink baseball cap.
  3. Pink Jazz

    What color outdoor light bulbs for Thanksgiving?

    Yes, I love to install colored light bulbs in our outdoor light fixtures for different holidays. From mid-September until today, we had orange and black light bulbs for Halloween. Now, for Thanksgiving, we have kept our orange light bulbs up, but replaced the black light bulbs with red ones...