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  1. FlameTail

    Can someone help me find a good laptop under $1000 with the following features ?

    So I am looking to buy a good laptop under $1000 with the following ■Features I NEED: I cant live without these. My laptop definitely needs to have them! ☆Atleast 1080p screen. ☆NVMe SSD ☆Screen Size 13-16 inch ☆AMD CPU with minimum 6 cores ☆Good Build Quality ☆Good Durability and Reliability...
  2. V

    [SOLVED]HP 2760p Battery Light Flashing and Fails POST

    Hello all! Please review my description of the problem and feel free to advise, discuss, or brainstorm. HP 2760p convertible PC with the following specifications: CPU: Intel i5 (Cannot see which i5) Screen: Multitouch with Wacom Digitizer RAM: 4gb DDR3 HDD: 320GB This is all I know about the...