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  1. M

    Question Static with headset speaker in DAC and microphone in PC

    Hi. the setup is as follows: - PC with mobo soundcard, 2 front and 6 back jacks - USB DAC with speaker out only (no mic) - headset with single jack + jack splitter (speaker/mic) - external USB sound card with single jack in - jack 'merger' (from speaker/mic jack to single jack) DAC supports...
  2. M

    $400 Budget, Looking for a gaming headset (PC / PS4 / Switch) and amp if it makes a big difference

    Hey everyone, I have a $400 budget and mostly game on my PS4 and Nintendo Switch and some on the PC, but will probably start watching movies if the headset is good enough, I listen to music every once in a while. I'm looking for a headset with surround sound, not sure if rumble is a gimmick or...
  3. husky3g

    Astro A50 Gen 2 Battery Replacement - Need some guidance.

    So the battery in my A50s that I've had for 3 years finally died. I replaced the battery and spliced the wires together but they aren't charging now. I'm at a bit of a loss. I originally ordered a two-wire battery replacement from Amazon that was 900mAh but apparently the headset either doesn't...
  4. A

    Audio Problems (Solved)

    I thought my old headset broke so i brought a new mic, the new mic (blue snowball) installed all the drivers it came with but still doesnt work. However i just plug that headset in another pc and the mic stilled worked. So im wondering it is possible that like i muted my whole pc from picking up...
  5. R

    Windows 10 cuts off USB headset microphone

    I'm having an issue I thought was isolated to my Kingston Hyper X Cloud II headset; the microphone keeps turning off after a few minutes of use. Windows reports no errors. Nothing. The only thing I notice is while sitting in the recording devices tab the mic is working and then it just stops. As...
  6. D

    Walkie Talkie Earpiece Jack Compatibility

    Hello, I am looking for infomation on walkie talkie peripherals, more specificaly, are there any walkie talkie models that would be compatible with an earpiece, being that the connector is a 3.5 mm jack, it is a urgent matter. Thanks in advance
  7. B

    Microsoft Announced VR Headsets for $299 without requiring external cameras

  8. EXCellR8

    Headset Recommendations Q4 2016

    My second pair of Plantronics GameCom headphones broke on me last week; I want to go with something else because they weren't that old. I had a similar issue with the 777 and the plastic cracking with minimal to normal use, but I thought the 780 would be better (it wasn't). Anyway, I don't...
  9. D

    Streaming Audio In and Audio Out form Computer to Bluetooth Headset

    Hello, I just bought the JBL Synchros E40BT. It provides Mic and Headphone over Bluetooth. I was wondering if there is some way to connect them (Using Bluetooth Streamer or something) to the Audio In and Audio out of the computer so I will be able to use them as Headset for Skype / Hangout. I...