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    Question Unable to turn on HDR in Windows 10

    In the display settings,I am able to turn on HDR and WCG at 1080p but when I change the resolution to 4k and try to turn it on ,the screen flickers and the HDR and WCG toggle automatically goes back to OFF. Details on hardware and software below - OS - Windows 10 DISPLAY - iffalcon 55K2A(4K TV)...
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    Cases that are best for VR? Good to have HDMI port on the front?

    I am finally getting into VR this winter (purchased a Samsung Odyssey) and next I need to get the PC to run it. I am likely going with a pre-built this time round. Since the VR headset needs to connect to a USB 3.0 + an HDMI 2.0 outputs, I was thinking that the best solution would be for the...
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    PSVR 2 Headset Cable is broken

    Hello there, Recently today my PSVR 2 Headset ( Latest Model ) cable which connects to processor unit got cut into 2 pieces and there is no support from Sony as this is an imported product from the USA. As said by other peoples who are facing the same issue like this that even if Sony agree to...
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    Is Roku box or Roku TV redundant if you connect TV to your PC by HDMI cable?

    I'm about to buy my first smart TV, and I'm considering a TCL Roku TV. I haven't done streaming. This is all virgin territory for me. I know getting an HDMI cable to connect computer and PC is very cheap. Does that give me all I would get with a Roku box or a Roku TV? I was comparing a TCL...