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    How to unlock multiplier and Turbo on QDE4 and B85?

    I read this topic https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/what-controls-turbo-core-in-xeons.2496647/page-98 And people on Xeons can mod their bioses to change multipliers to maximum on 4 cores. My problem is that i have QDE4 engineering sample and it is 4770K. But my motherboard Gigabyte B85 D3H...
  2. O

    Upgrading System: Stay with Haswell or go Skylake?

    Current system: CPU: i3-4150 MOBO: GA-H97-D3H RAM: 8gb (4x2) Kingston DDR3 1600mhz GPU: r9 270x PSU: CM v650 I built this just for playing CS:GO and Dota 2 couple of years ago not thinking about upgrading since I don't play AAA games. Then came Battlefield 1 and the enjoyment of streaming while...
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    Hardware.fr compares 6 generations of Intel HEDT (2008-2016)

    Haswell-E (left) / Broadwell-E (right) Applications Average Gaming Average http://www.hardware.fr/articles/946-1/intel-broadwell-e-i7-6950x-6900k-6800k-test.html Intel's 45nm/32nm Bloomfield/Gulftown from 2008-2010 still performing surprisingly well, matching/beating 220W Vishera at stock.