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  1. EXCellR8

    Issue Restoring PS4 from Backup - USB 3.0

    I switched out my pleb 2TB 5400rpm drive in my launch PS4 with a 2TB SSHD but I'm having an issue restoring the data from the external drive I used, formatted as exFAT. AFAIK FAT32 or exFAT should work fine... The backup data is about 600GB (full backup of all installed games, along with...
  2. F

    Question I need advice for recovering a hard-drive? please read!

    About half a year ago I realized that my external hard-drive that I bought on amazon was malfunctioning, I had noticed there was a connection problem even before that, it would connect and disconnect rapidly sometimes, but I didn't think much of it cause my files were still there. then 1 day...
  3. Y

    WD Easy Store Shuck Help

    Hello, I bought a WD external hard drive to shuck and even after taping the 3rd pin on the hard drive and using a molex to sata connector the hard drive wont show even in BIOS. Help?
  4. Q

    Question "wireless" external hard drive

    Hi, I currently had a couple of external hard drives wired to a powered usb hub, which is wired to the usb port on my laptop I want to do one of two things, one of them is (probably?) easier. Either I want to wirelessy connect the USB hub to the laptop, or I want to wirelessly connect a single...
  5. Collider

    Question HDD Spin Down Utility / Status in Windows

    Does anyone know of any utility / program for Windows that would show which drives are spun down? or allow individual timeout spin down control for each HDD? Ideally i'd like a log of when my drives are spinning up / down.
  6. Collider

    Question Test New Hard Drive

    Need a recommendation of software / program / scrip to test new brand new hard drive. What I would like is for it to make a write to every sector and report any bad ones, that seems to be most reliable. Any other additional technique suggestions are welcome. OS is Windows.
  7. C

    Windows detected a hard disk problem

    (note: i am running Windows 8.1 Pro on a Lenovo Thinkpad W540) several days ago i received a blue screen of death and my computer restarted. upon restart my computer acted like a new system (received the “let’s get you started” message, etc.), and though my data and programs were all intact my...
  8. R

    Dying drive! Help!

    I have a 3TB Seagate hard drive that is about to die. Problem is there is ALOT of data on this thing I need to get off. I had it all backed up on a NAS but the backups on that thing got messed up. So I was going to just redo it. Reestablish the backup with a correct file structure. It was in the...
  9. J

    Formatting Hard drive with a Converter

    Ok I have been searching everywhere for days and cannot find an answer. I have 3 hard drives (Will Post Pics) And I need to format all of these to sell. I was looking for a good converter to plug into my laptop and such but everyone I ask On Ebay or Amazon say that my hard drive won't work with...
  10. EXCellR8

    4TB WD Black 3.5" HDD Dead or ??

    Had my larger hard drive crash on me over the weekend; I can no longer initialize the disk in Windows. The drive is no longer detected outside of specialized software and I get a general CRC error. I think the drive is toast, and I already have a replacement on the way, but what would be the...
  11. I

    (Please Help) Unable to Access WD External Hard Drive (Resolved)

    I have a 2 TB Western Digital External Hard Drive (Model - My Book). A couple of months back, it suddenly stopped working. I was very busy then and so couldn't focus on fixing it. Now I want to resolve this issue and hence seeking your help. Current state of the drive - The LED switches on I...
  12. J

    GTX 1060 3GB & WD Black 2TB Hardrive overheating badly

    I had a GTX 680 & it was over heating badly so i couldnt game, i bought a new GTX 1060 from MSI and it has this problem also. I then realized that my hardrive was also overheating badly! Please Help I cant seem to figure out whats up
  13. B

    Acer ES1-572 ownder doubt exp. hardware

    I need an answer from an acer ownder . Question does the ES1-572 (2017 model) support an additional memory ram and an additional hard drive (SSD 2,5"). I want to buy one and upgrade its memory from 4Gb to 8Gb and add a SSD to boost it up. Thank you,
  14. S

    Swapping HD's in the same external enclosure.

    Hey all. I just got myself an 4TB external HD and i'm wondering if i would i have much luck in replacing the 1.5TB drive in an older Verbatim external enclosure with the new 4TB so that i could put the Verbatim drive internally into a new PC build? I'm being picky really, as i like the Verbatim...
  15. EXCellR8

    Mac Hard Drive Recovery

    I have a friend's Macbook Pro with a 160GB Fujitsu hard drive that doesn't want to cooperate. The OS never loads but the hard drive doesn't seem to be dead, at least not yet. When I used Disk Utility to scan and verify the drive, it appeared to be making progress right up until the error: live...
  16. R

    two hard drives? faster?

    I read a review that having two drives is great for editing in Adobe premiere...why is that? Will a computer be faster somehow with 2 drives? the review doesn't explain why he thinks its better to have two drives (both are M.2 if that matters).
  17. I

    Hard Drive Problems on New PC

    Hello, I recently built a new PC, and I keep getting BSODs that say DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, and then when i restart my computer, when windows is about to boot up I get another error telling me to insert proper boot device. Then after restarting again my computer finally boots up. Sometimes when...