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  1. jsimenhoff

    Giveaway! Seagate Ironwolf SSD NAS #RunWithIronWolf

    We have a massive NAS competition underway, and yes, we're talking terabytes. Up for grabs is the QNAP TS-932X NAS enclosure, Seagate IronWolf PRO 16TB HDD, and the IronWolf 110 SSD. Run with the biggest and the fastest. Seagate IronWolf drives provide 28% more capacity and up to 25% more speed...
  2. K

    Question Need to set up a solid backup system

    Hi guys. I stumbled across this website via a Google search in desperate search to understand and formulate a backup system for my work drives. If anyone could help me in layman terms, that would be much appreciated. I am not much of a computer geek, however I do understand the necessity to...
  3. L

    USB Enclosure for 3.5" SATA HD, Windows Detects Enclosure But Not HD (Solved)

    I have two WD 4T 3.5" SATA HDs which I bought from here some months ago. Finally I got around to "deploring" them, putting them into action. From NewEgg I got a Rosewell RX307 USB enclosure. Upon powering this on, the enclosure itself gets picked up by Windows (8 or 10, I tried it on different...