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  1. Avarath

    Question 1080 to 1080TI?

    I currently own a GTX 1080. I have a deal from a friend to buy a 1080TI for $200. Is it worth $200 to upgrade? I run 2K on a 165hz monitor.
  2. J

    What to upgrade for 1440p at 144hz?

    Hi. My current setup is this: i5 6500 GTX MSI 1070 8gb MSI B150M Ram 16gb Corsair RM550x SSD 850 evo I would like find out what would give me the best performance upgrade for 1440p at 144hz. I assume it would be 1080ti? Do I have to go for i5 8600k as with 1080ti my current cpu would...
  3. AtenRa

    Severely CPU overhead of GTX1080Ti with RYZEN CPUs in DX-12 ??

    Let me tell you a secret, VEGA 64 LC is faster than GTX1080Ti ...... :p While I was reading Coffeelake reviews I bumped in to Hardwareunboxed Core i7 8700K review. They used both the GTX1080Ti and Vega 64 LC and what their results show is severely CPU overhead with RYZEN CPUs on the...