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  1. 007ELmO

    Building 4 player Local LAN

    Hi, I plan on building out a 4 player LAN setup in my house. I've wired the room to have 2 PCs and a monitor per breaker switch. I'm thinking I'd use 1070s for each box. What is a good bang for the buck combination of GPU and monitor for these gaming boxes? I really like ultrawide monitors...
  2. N

    Video Card Issues- GTX 1070 Horizontal Lines, please help!

    Hi, I have a brand new (2 week old) MSI GTX 1070 Gaming 8GB. It has worked great since I got it, but yesterday I started intermittently getting horizontal black and white lines flickering across the screen. It was only occurring on one of my monitors (ASUS 144Hz 1080p), so I switched out the...
  3. JTsyo

    Where are the sub-$400 1070s?

    I thought the price for the 1070s would be around the $370 mark. Are they coming soon and the manufactures trying to stick the early guys with their $400+ models?