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gpu compatibility

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    Question asus strix x99 gaming with ssd evo 970 m.2

    Hello fellas. I have asus strix x99 gaming,i7 6800k,32gb ram,asusgtx 1080gaming,corsair hx1050 powersupply i have 1 samsung ssd 970 evo nme m.2 250gb&and i also have the 960evonme m.2 500gb and also a samsung 850 evo 500gb all new and i have to start the windows format ,i know i should use the...
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    Question GPU upgrade suggestions

    I'm mulling over doing a few upgrades to my gaming rig, which as fallen pretty far behind in terms of hardware. I've got a new CPU on order, and now that I've confirmed it will work (I think!) I'm thinking of updating the GPU (and the PSU, if needed for a GPU upgrade). My specs are...
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    What GTX 1060 to get

    Hi folks, I am looking to upgrade my current video card. Since price are dropping I would like to take advantage of it. I play one game mainly and it's World of Warcraft. With my current set up and I am not planning on upgrading the cpu for at least another 2 years. I see that my best bet...
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    Before Buying New Gpu

    Is ASUS DUAL-GTX1060-3G compatible with my pc. CPU:intel celeron g1820 2.7GHz Mobo:Asrock H81m-vg4 r2.0 Ram:6 GB 1333Mhz PSU:500W
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    GPU compatibility

    HI sir/ madam. i am using DL-G41MXE mother board with Intel Pentium e2140 processor. with 2gb ram. can you please suggest me what type of GPU Graphic card is compatible with my PC.