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Forum discussion tagged with giveaway.
  1. jsimenhoff

    Giveaway! Win a Supermicro Motherboard and the Thermaltake P1 M-ITX Chasis!

    Supermicro and Thermaltake have teamed up to present another fantastic giveaway for our AnandTech Community members. Up for grabs is the the Thermaltake Core P1 TG Mini ITX wall-mount, tempered-glass chassis and the Supermicro SUPERO C9Z390-CG-IW motherboard. Get ready to game in style. Enter...
  2. J

    $299 Xbox One S is Free to Win and More Giveaways Covers Wireless Gaming Headset, Seagate game drive 2TB and more

    Join to 100% free win the $299 all-digital Xbox One S, $111.55 wireless gaming headset, $79.99 seagate game drive 2TB and $67.93 WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. Just enter your name and valid Email, and then you have the chance to win these amazing freebies for playing Xbox games and watching DVD...
  3. jsimenhoff

    Win an Antec DF500 RGB mid tower gaming case and more!

    ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE We teamed up with Antec to bring you a giveaway for two computer building starter bundles. Our first prize winner will receive the DF500 RGB mid tower gaming case and HCG750 Bronze PSU, and our second place winner will get the P5 micro-ATX case and the...
  4. Viddyvane

    The "What You Love About AnandTech" Swag Giveaway

    Hey there AnandTech members! As we wrap up for the summer, our team wanted to take a moment to keep on keeping on for our forums users with some hot swag! This giveaway will be running from 12 pm EST August 13 to 12 pm EST August 23rd Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to enter the giveaway...
  5. Viddyvane

    What do you want to see in our next giveaway/contest?

    Hey folks! We're gearing up for some new and cool things here on Anandtech in the coming months, and that includes from prospective giveaways and contests! We want to hear from you, our dear community, about what you'd like to see in these giveaways and contests. Please comment below with your...
  6. Viddyvane

    The AnandTech Ryzen Processor Giveaway!

    Happy Holidays AnandTech! As we wrap up with the busiest time of the year, our team wanted to take a moment to keep on with the giving of the season. This week we're not just giving away one, but three Ryzen processor chips! This giveaway will be running from 12 pm December 4th to 12 pm...
  7. jsimenhoff

    SSD Giveaway with OCZ Storage, Enter Now!

    Is your rig getting a little slow? Have a build that could use an upgrade? Time to replace that aging hard disk drive with a brand new SSD! We teamed up with our friends at OCZ Storage to present our AnandTech readers a trio of 3 Toshiba SSD prizes! Want to win a new SSD? Read on. In this...
  8. jsimenhoff

    AnandTech OCZ SSD Giveaway

    Now’s your chance to win a trio of super fast SSDs, courtesy of our fine friends from OCZ. We have the 512GB RD400 PCIe SSD, 512GB VX500 SSD, and the 256GB RD400 PCIe SSD all up for grabs. Be sure to enter the raffle linked here for your chance to win. The sweepstakes will run until 12pm EST...
  9. jsimenhoff

    Announcing a Q&A and Giveaway with OCZ

    OCZ AMA/Giveaway Announcement AnandTech recently put the OCZ VX500 SATA SSD through its paces, so what better time to announce our upcoming installment of Ask the Experts here on the AnandTech Forums. On October 6th starting at 10 AM EST, we’ll be hosting key members from the OCZ Product...