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Forum discussion tagged with freesync.
  1. C

    Question What monitor-sync for Intel integrated graphics?

    What monitor-sync-type for Intel "UHD Graphics 630" integrated graphics in an i5-9xxx Coffee Lake? ** Namely, do Intel's CPUs support FreeSync or G-Sync? ** ** Or Adaptive-sync, Fast-sync or V-sync? ** They include something called "Quick Sync Video", but that is something totally different I...
  2. S

    Questions about LFC for FreeSync Monitors

    Hey guys, I’m hoping to purchase a new FreeSync monitor and just have some questions on the Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) feature. I kinda have a special gaming situation here, I play Total War, Mount & Blade and Men of War extensively. I always run mods which triples the amount of troops...
  3. P

    Does freesync mean anything w/ 4k resolution?

    Because high pixel density rocks, I would like to upgrade my monitor to something around 27" and 3840x2160. Such monitors are available with Freesync, which I had hoped would be really helpful in getting smooth gameplay. I'm sure that I would need to turn settings down (RX 480), but that's a...
  4. MajinCry

    On a budget, looking for flat ~32" 1080p Freesync

    An old friend of my father offered him his old, gubbed TV. A sweet 40" Toshiba @ 1080p, but the LCD panel is warped and 1080p is a tad too pixelated on such a large screen. But god damn, having a big picture is sweet. Trouble is, I've only found one bloody monitor (from Currys) that: - Has a...
  5. B

    FreeSync vs. G-Sync Delay Analysis [Battle(non)sense]

    Another great video from this guy, one of the few that dives deep and does a lot of testing along with fixing issues (high perf vs balanced mode)
  6. Y

    FreeSync Monitor

    Hey guys first ever post so please tell me if I need to edit anything. Looking for a Gaming FreeSync monitor mid range with following specs: Price: $200-$350 Size: 27" Panel: IPS Brand: ANY Refresh Rate: Not too fussy as long as its over 60Hz or has a variable refresh rate (e.g.. ~40-90Hz)...
  7. C

    Do all Polaris-based cards support FreeSync over HDMI?

    ... or is it OEM and/or model specific?
  8. B

    NIXEUS displays 27" 1440p IPS 30-144hz Freesync Gaming Monitor ~$449, 32" 4K Freesync

  9. communistM

    Looking for a second opinion/confirmation about my potatoe

    Hello everybody! So, I am pretty sure that I just bricked by computer. But I'm not really sure how I got here. I'm hoping you guys can tell me what went wrong/what did I do wrong. This all started when I decided to upgrade my rig with some Black Friday sales. The new components are as follows...
  10. B

    Samsung's CFG70 144Hz VA FreeSync Quantum Dot Gaming monitors are now available (UK)

  11. B

    Korean Microboard M340CLZ 34" 3440x1440 100Hz FreeSync Curved

    Just found out about this, looks pretty crazy. Samsung MVA Panel 3440x1440, nice looking bezel and stand too. http://www.overclock.net/t/1614783/korean-microboard-m340clz-34-3440x1440-100hz-freesync-curved-monitor-discussion-thread...
  12. B

    Great videos covering input lag with GSync, Fast Sync, VSync, FreeSync

    This guy does an amazing job on his videos, his testing on many multiplayer hit registration / netcode is great. GSync https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8bFWk61KWA Fast Sync vs VSync https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L07t_mY2LEU Hopefully he can get some AMD hardware and test out FreeSync as...
  13. Y

    FreeSync TVs may be coming to make console gaming smoother than ever!

    Very interesting article over on Trusted Reviews about AMD working on bringing Freesync TVs working with consoles through HDMI to deliver silky FPS smoothness. And really... lower FPS consoles are perfect to benefit most from this...