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    Question Any 'Danger' / 'Damage Potential' in Adjusting 'Sub-Timings' Exposed in Maxwell Bios Tweaker? [L2C, XBAR, SYS]

    Core / Mem will just artifact / crash, but since I've never adjusted these (L2C, XBAR, SYS) settings I have no idea if there is any potential for damage to occur if pushed 'hard' (or just setting some crazy high value). I'm also using Maxwell Bios Tweaker v1.36 and the card is the M2000 if it...
  2. B

    Discussion So, How Does Flashing a GPU BIOS Actually 'Brick' the Card?

    I can guess on some 'basic' reasons: Power Outage / System Crash - Enter incomplete and or corrupt values in memory addresses such that the card can't figure out what to do anymore. Using a Different Card / Maker BIOS - Different order of memory addresses and or different sizes of memory...
  3. EXCellR8

    MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Dead?

    I've a second hand MSI Z170 board that is giving me grief with a post code of 71 (late south bridge initialization?) and I can't get it to POST at all. The board is the Z170A XPOWER Titanium with dual BIOS but neither of them seem to work; code is the same. I've cleared the CMOS, tried different...
  4. S

    Web conference software or server.

    I am searching for a video conference software to install on our institution server. We are testing OpenMeetings, but it still uses Flash for the video and audio part. I want a full HTML5 compliant solution, via WebRTC I think it is done, and for running it on a Linux based webserver. I searched...
  5. T

    Reliable Flash drive for OS?

    Looking for recommendations on a reliable flash drive to boot and run an OS off of. A bit of background, this is for a retrofitted point of sale system, and the supplied drives from the vendor die every 3-6 months. The point of sales are used continuously 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. It...