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    Question Wasted 300 dollars plz help

    So I bought a thermal take all in one liquid cooling kit. But it doesn’t come with the fittings needed. It comes with 2 80 degree angle fittings. And the tubing is 16mm OD. I’m SO confused on fittings. I’ve bought and returned 3 sets already. I get compression fittings. But then how do you...
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    Question Whats the difference between these Alphacool fittings?

    Alphacool "Eiszapfen" vs. Alphacool "HF" Their measurements are the same. Each chrome-plated brass. First the 90s: Eiszapfen 90, 7.45 euro: HF 90, 6.45 euro: Next the 45s: Eiszapfen 45, 9.95 euro: HF 45, 6.45 euro: Any idea?