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    Question How to get GPU firmware version in windows?

    I'm building an inventory system for GPUs and looking to find a way to query GPU firmware version. I have tried the WMI query for Video Controller, but it only returns driver version and driver date. Get-WmiObject -Query "Select * From Win32_VideoController" For AMD GPUs, if I go to the AMD...
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    Formating mp3/mp4 player

    I'm planning to format my mp3/mp4 player (Cowon D2+) because I suspect there is some kind of virus in it. And I worry that after formatting system disk I won't be able to turn in on, on the Internet I have found firmware update not base firmware for this model. Or could it be that firmware is...
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    Purchases cable to access my drives firmware.

    For some reason the firmware is locked and I cannot modify it. Anyone have any ideas on how to unlock it?