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  1. Fanatical Meat

    New Router with FIOS

    I have fios and feel like a noob, I’ve been paying for my router for a year without realizing. The lease has increased to $12 per month that’s how I spotted it. I have 100/100mb service I’m mostly fiber except to the router that is still coax, I’m pretty confident I can run a Ethernet line from...
  2. M

    LAN Broken Because Internet Not Connected

    Hi, I have Verizon FiOS service which uses a Verizon ActionTec router. Yesterday the 4 LAN ports of the router broke. When Verizon tests the router it responds properly and WiFi access works, but my home wired LAN is broken. The Verizon ONT is ok, so phone and cable are fine. Verizon is...
  3. dkkruse

    Cox or FiOS? - DC area

    My FiOS contract is up, and although the service is good, I hate the fact that you're stuck with their router. So I'm thinking of switching to Cox. The FiOS Quantum router is mediocre at best and not compatible with MESH networking. I can't access the ONT to change routers so can't go...
  4. R

    Changing FIOS Actiontec router to my own

    Hi all, I read another thread about people wanting to change out their FIOS Actiontec (mine is a MI424-WR Rev. F). I only have FIOS internet (no TV/phone), and now that I just checked, it is NOT plugged in via coax cable to the wall, but an ethernet port in the wall. My house was already wired...