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  1. Dayman1225

    Intel Q3 Financial Results

    Documents: News Release Presentation CEO Comments Revenue by Market: GAPP: Non - GAPP: Earnings Call: Intel signed long-term NAND supply agreements worth $2B and received $1B (of that) in Q3. Intel's data center, IoT, FPGA and memory groups (all growing nicely and steadily)...
  2. rcpratt

    Why are we still paying realtors 6%?

    I just signed a contract with a Buyer for the sale of my home. I've always wondered this, but now after actually doing it I understand it even less. I got almost exactly what I asked for in less than a week. Admittedly, now is a great time to be a seller, but the price just seems so steep...
  3. E

    Would I make a worthwhile profit if I rent out my 2015 Convertible Corvette in Turo?

    Here's the situation, I have this car financed and although I'm on the upper class bracket I like the idea of having someone else make my payments in return for a few days worth of use. I reside in Northern New Jersey and brands like Enterprise Exotic are not up here so I'm assuming these kinds...