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  1. O

    Fans Running Too Fast And Loud

    When I launched my stationary PC this morning, there were some books on the keyboard so it started beeping, i don't know which buttons the books were on and my fans started running so fast and extremely loud. My pc have 3 fans, 2 of them are running on 3XXX RPM and the other one on 5XXX RPM...
  2. superstition

    Z170 RAM expertise needed (trying to get stability)

    (Please don't invoke the debate about the gains to be found from faster DDR4. I want to focus specifically on getting stability in a speed range of 3200–3600 and need specific, clear, data-driven info. Thanks!) I am setting up a computer system for a friend and bought a 16 GB (2 X 8) EVGA 3200...
  3. superstition

    The rumored 5.1 GHz Xeon quad E5-2602 V4?

    This was talked about by a lot of tech sites in January but I'm wondering if anyone has heard anything since. Rumor has it that only deep pockets customers like the NSA will have access. Is this a good idea? It seems really odd to restrict the sale of CPUs to domestic consumers and only sell...