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  1. N

    Laptop CPU fan always working at high speed(25000 rpm) at startup

    I have ASUS N56JN laptop dual boot system(Ubuntu 18.04 and windows 10) When I turn on the laptop, the fan always works in highspeed while CPU usage is 8% and never stops! even when I shut down it and again turn it on nothing change. both in Windows or Ubuntu, it happens. With restarting the...
  2. I

    Mobo has only one true PWM fan header

    I've discovered that my motherboard has pwm fan control on the cpu fan header only. The other fan headers control them via voltage. As such my case fans have higher minimum speeds. I would like to know if there is a controller that provides true pwm control over fans or failing that the best way...
  3. xJohnDoe001x

    Inspiron 7568 Laptop Fan Will Not Spin

    Friends, My Inspiron 7568 Laptop fan will not spin, actually the fan blade spin a couple of revolutions immediately after powering on but that is all. I tried HWinfo, SpeedFan to no Joy. I took the fan off and bench tested it with 5 volt dc to the black and red terminals and it work, I...
  4. D

    TT Riing 12 RGB on my P8H61 M-LE Motherboard?

    Hi there, I'm planning to buy Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB 3 Pack. The package includes 3 rgb fans, 1 controller, and some cables. Each fan has 5 pin to the controller. And 4 pin controller to the motherboard. But my motherboard supports only 3 pin. So my question is, can I control the...