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  1. gtrxpro

    Solved! My pc is up all day, will it damage my hdd?

    Hello! i was wondering that will my hdd get ruined because i am keeping it on for like 9 hrs. a day : | and i have 1 current pending sector too, is it bad? and im experiencing the diagnosing pc every time i boot up i started happening since the day i got 1 current pending sector is my hdd...
  2. EXCellR8

    Question Acronis TI & Macrium Reflect No Longer Work

    I am no longer able to make backups of my OS drive with either Acronis True Image 2019 or Macrium Reflect 7.2; the process of imaging does not seem to initialize or start. Reflect mentioned something about VSS failing to verify or something; Acronis just stays at 0% (calculating time...