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  1. N

    Question Internal RAID Controller Card vs External RAID Enclosure

    Hi, I'm trying to determine if there are significant differences between internal RAID cards and external RAID enclosures. I will be setting up a computer to dual boot Windows and Linux (each on its own SSD). I want to make sure each OS sees the RAID as a single drive. I'm a little confused as...
  2. omega59

    Raspberry Pi3B USB HUB - HDD Help

    Hey guys. I have OSMC setup and with my new 2.5' HDD (Western-Digital-Passport-Drive-USB-3-0-WDBYFT0030BBK-WESN). I have a problem where it keeps crashing the OSMC with the blue-screen sad face randomly. From what I gather it is a power-insufficient issue. Looking at my PI's power supply it says...
  3. EXCellR8

    Need an External RAID Enclosure w/ USB 3.0

    My Drobo DDR3-A decided it didn't want to work anymore and now I'm without my 8TB volume of priceless memes, YouTube rips, backup archives, photos, and other miscellaneous nonsense I like to use with my HTPC. The hard drives themselves are fine but I don't have a working external enclosure. I...
  4. I

    (Please Help) Unable to Access WD External Hard Drive (Resolved)

    I have a 2 TB Western Digital External Hard Drive (Model - My Book). A couple of months back, it suddenly stopped working. I was very busy then and so couldn't focus on fixing it. Now I want to resolve this issue and hence seeking your help. Current state of the drive - The LED switches on I...
  5. EXCellR8

    2TB external drive connectivity Win10

    I have a desktop external drive at home that is finicky when it comes to being detected by the OS. Sometimes it's fine, and my cloud folders sync without issue on startup, but other times I need to turn it off and then back on 2 or even 3 times before I can actually use it. When it doesn't...
  6. R

    video playback issue on external monitor only

    Hi all, I hope you can shed some light on this new issue. I have a 2 month old Dell monitor connected to my laptop and this week all of a sudden a movie will freeze for 3 to 4 seconds every 4 or 5 minutes but only on the monitor. If I disconnect and watch on the laptop alone it does not do...