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  1. FlameTail

    Question Which is better? More E-cores or more P-cores ?

    Apple is betting on it's Big cores. The M1 Pro doubles the number of firestorm cores but halves the number of icestorm cores compared to the M1. A future 'M1 Quadra' is rumoured to have 32 Big cores and just 8 small cores. So, yes, Apple is focusing on it's big cores. Intel on the other hand...
  2. BorisTheBlade82

    Discussion PES | Assessing Power and Performance Efficiency of x86 CPU architectures

    Dear Community, so this is my first thread here as a long-time lurker - but I felt the desire to share a small hobby-project of mine from the last couple of months with you... Performance Efficiency Suite - What is it about? Most Reviewers solely focus on what they consider to be the most...
  3. W

    Recommend Energy Efficient Desktop CPU

    Looking for a computer that is snappy enough to handle video editing but not an energy hog. Just balancing power with electrical bills as I leave my computer on 24/7. Currently using this cpu that was released Feb 2009 and it's a bit underpowered: AMD Phenom II X3 720 Got any...
  4. B

    Intel 'T' CPUs

    Is an i7-7700 underclocked to 2.9GHz the same as an i7-7700T ?
  5. J

    [Home Automation] Smart Window Automation system for energy savings and security. Thoughts?

    Hello everyone, I recently built a smart window automation device that saves energy by using outside air to heat and cool your home. The device also includes a full security system, and naturally filters indoor air. You can check it out on my website! The system works with Nest and...