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  1. DeadlyTitan

    Skyrim Legendary Edition Best ENB?

    So i have been searching soo hard to find the best ENB for skyrim and finally filtered down to 6 ENB's and i am unable to decide between them. Maybe you guys can help me out? Tetrachromatic Nlva Vividian Rudy The Grim and Somber RealVision My requirements are simple, performance is not an...
  2. DeadlyTitan

    GTX 1080 vs 4K max modded Skyrim At 2k Res

    Can a GTX 1080 run a max modded skyrim legendary edition (Not special edition) at 1440p @ 144hz? I am planning to use a lot of 4k Textures and Heavy ENB and all the eye candy mods (Grass, trees, weathers, etc) and i'll be cranking up all the settings to the max. I always wanted to do this...
  3. MajinCry

    Draw Call Performance In Fallout 4

    Riding on the back of my previous thread, where users ran an old instancing demo to investigate AMD's draw call performance, I'm extremely curious as to where Ryzen falls in a "modern" game; lots of draw calls, lots of background processing, and huge draw distances. The reason why, is that all...