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    Question DVD - DisplayPort cables work both ways?

    All the cables I can find are advertised as "from DisplayPort to DVI". I need to go the other way, from a DVI port (on the video card) to a DisplayPort (on the monitor). Do these cables work in both directions? I should mention, I don't need extreme resolution/refreshrate, just 1920x1200 @60Hz.
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    Is dvi-d run into vga display...

    Hello guys , I want to buy msi 1050ti gaming x 4gb. But my monitor (resolution 1366x768) had vga input only and the card output is DVI-D so can I run it some how. I learn from internet that DVI-D contains only digital signal and VGA only analog so is there any way ???? Plz help me ASAP.. Thanks...
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    DVI or DisplayPort to HDMI (converter or cable)

    I have a monitor that only takes HDMI and I have a PC (Win7 Home Premium x64) which has a DVI port and a DisplayPort (no HDMI port). I do not think I need any special features of HDMI, just a "normal" connection from computer to monitor. Which of the following options would you recommend (the...
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    No 75 hz

    Hello. I changed my GPU from 6670 to 7750, driver updated, but because my monitor support only VGA, I'm using a DVI-VGA converter. On main resolution, 1440x900 i can't use 75 hz, but on lower resolutions like something 1260x1024(960 or what) I can... Whit the old GPU, directly VGA input I...