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  1. N

    Laptop CPU fan always working at high speed(25000 rpm) at startup

    I have ASUS N56JN laptop dual boot system(Ubuntu 18.04 and windows 10) When I turn on the laptop, the fan always works in highspeed while CPU usage is 8% and never stops! even when I shut down it and again turn it on nothing change. both in Windows or Ubuntu, it happens. With restarting the...
  2. P

    Dual Boot issues

    Hi all, So I am still running and like Windows 7. I finally decided to give Windows 10 a shot as I want to play some DX12 games that take advantage of my video card. I did something wrong as now I can't seem to get a dual boot setup going. What I want: Windows 7 system as default. Windows 10...
  3. Asylum1

    Dual boot between operating systems while remotely connected

    Hi guys, I recently installed Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Pro on my server and was looking for a way to swap between both operating systems while remotely connected. I was researching setting up a batch file to do the job when I came across a simple program that will do the job easily...