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  1. MajinCry

    [Part 3] Measuring CPU Draw Call Performance in Fallout 4

    Previous Thread The most significant hit to framerates in large games, open world games especially, is caused by excessive draw call counts. And this isn't a new thing; as far back as 2006 with Oblivion, performance would utterly die during raining weather, as NPCs would take out their...
  2. MajinCry

    Draw Call Performance In Fallout 4

    Riding on the back of my previous thread, where users ran an old instancing demo to investigate AMD's draw call performance, I'm extremely curious as to where Ryzen falls in a "modern" game; lots of draw calls, lots of background processing, and huge draw distances. The reason why, is that all...
  3. MajinCry

    Bethesda collaborating with AMD

    Holy hell you guys. If we're lucky, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 will get a Vulkan renderer. And if we're suuuuper lucky? Bethesda will backport Vulkan to New Vegas and fam. That'd be the day, eh? https://twitter.com/bethesda/status/836688120846381059...
  4. MajinCry

    [Part 2] Measuring CPU Draw Call Performance

    (Part 1) In the previous draw call benchmark, the settings I supplied were suboptimal; having the application split between the two different objects caused the application to eat up most of the CPU time. If only one object type is used, however, the driver has much more room to throw it's...
  5. MajinCry

    [Part 1] Measuring CPU Draw Call Performance

    (Part 2 - Much more appropriate settings!) Before Intel released their Core 2 architecture, their CPUs had the same level of draw call performance as their AMD performance equivalents. Trouble is, Core 2 was several times (>3x) better at handling draw calls then it's predecessors, as well as...