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  1. cgeorgy

    Question Intel or AMD for specific type of desktop

    Hello, I'm having a hard time deciding on a desktop configuration. Last time when I did this was more than 10 years ago, I have the feeling this is a more complex task in present. My kind of workload : run 2-3 VMs in parallel, software development, Docker, various databases. Display : I already...
  2. C

    Question DVD - DisplayPort cables work both ways?

    All the cables I can find are advertised as "from DisplayPort to DVI". I need to go the other way, from a DVI port (on the video card) to a DisplayPort (on the monitor). Do these cables work in both directions? I should mention, I don't need extreme resolution/refreshrate, just 1920x1200 @60Hz.
  3. S

    RX 550 max monitor configuration

    Is Radeon RX 550 2GB able to connect 5k@60Hz and an other display at the some time? I have connected XB2779QQS via DP 1.4 and an older Dell (1920*1200) via DVI. At the moment I set XB2779QQS to 5k the image at the Dell disappeares. If RX 550 is not enough what are the options? (I don't care...
  4. R

    Basic Graphics Card for CyberMonday?

    I have been using onboard graphics since building this machine in♩2012! Didn’t realize it was that old till I looked up the stats today: I3770 32GB RAM Asus P8Z77 V-Pro m/b Ubuntu (mostly) but may add W10 or W7 for choice of editing software I want to add another monitor, Dell U2415 next to my...
  5. C

    DVI or DisplayPort to HDMI (converter or cable)

    I have a monitor that only takes HDMI and I have a PC (Win7 Home Premium x64) which has a DVI port and a DisplayPort (no HDMI port). I do not think I need any special features of HDMI, just a "normal" connection from computer to monitor. Which of the following options would you recommend (the...
  6. Johnny Lucky

    DisplayPort or HDMI for GTX 1070?

    I purchased an MSI GTX 1070 Quicksilver graphics card for my case mod project. The card and my BenQ 32 inch monitor both have DisplayPort and HDMI ports. Is there a preference for one over the other? I've tried both but my eyes can't discern any difference on screen.