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    Question Samsung 970 EVO died in laptop (heat problems?) - what substitute has good performance/heat ratio?

    Hi, apparently my Samsung 970 EVO 2TB NVMe SSD dies after 3 years of service in ThinkPad T580. At about 1-2 years of age there were suddenly few media errors (visible in SMART), few files unreadable, yet surface check showed zero bad sectors (due to remapping)? And then after 3 years, it died...
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    Question is there anything I can do?

    I have a GTX 780 in my gaming rig that I build to the end of 2017 (a long time ago, I know). I was about to log off Overwatch when my screen on one of my monitors went grey and the other went black. after numerous attempts, I was able to get the pc back on except for only one monitor and the...
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    RPM's drop and car dies when I take my foot off the gas

    I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L V6 that dies every time I stop pressing the gas pedal. Sometimes it will idle for a few minutes while in park, but as soon as it's put into drive it'll die if I don't keep on the gas slightly. It will die no matter what speed I'm going. I've had it shut off on...