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  1. vixeko_

    Question Are the Radeon R7 250 and FirePro W2100 compatible with CrossFire?

    I have an Asus board that has 3 PCIe ports and to experiment I wanted to do crossfire with an r7 250 and an hd 6570 and obviously it failed because I didn't know that much about crossfire so I started to investigate and I read that the GPUs are compatible with crossfire among themselves if they...
  2. T

    Dual FirePro Crossfire Advantages

    I run many monitors and applications, none are graphics intensive, but I got 2 FirePro v7900 cards at a very good price (about $200 for both) and am looking at what I can do with them. I know they support Crossfire Pro, but I am still unclear on what that would provide me (if anything). So the...
  3. M

    replacing 7950 crossfire

    one of the cards in my 7950 crossfire setup seems to be going bad. would a single rx480 be able to do the job as well as my two old cards? or would i have to consider crossfire with two? or consider an nvidia of some sort? i like to play shooters such as battlefield and titanfall at 5760x1080.
  4. MrAltDennis

    What is the AMD R9 290 XFX Card compatible with for crossfire?

    I built my own PC about a year or 2 ago and i bought with it an AMD R9 290 graphics card from XFX. it has crossfire capability but i was wondering with which graphics cards could it work with. would any R9 work? or would it have to be an R9 in the 200 series?