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  1. Sovauthority

    Question Cables for direct power line from PSU to GPU Question!

    I have .an AMD Radeon 7900 XT and a 1,000 Watt Rosewill RBR1000-M PSU with connectors being from the PSU itself of 6+2 Pin & 6 Pin Cable which I use a 6 Pin to 8 Pin Converter (the GPU requires 2 8-pin Cables).. (Image 1 - Current Cable Hook Up) My issue is that my computer crashes when I: -...
  2. G

    Question Computer Crashes with several programs open

    I have a computer that I built several years ago that I use for work. The primary program that I use is a somewhat obscure CAD drafting program called Carlson Survey. Most of the time, my computer runs flawlessly, but sometimes when I have several programs open it crashes. I'm not sure crashes...
  3. O

    Question Ryzen 3800X cpu overheating Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to building PCs and understanding various CPU/motherboard related/technical parameters and settings. I recently built a brand new gaming rig, after learning how to build a computer on my own, from various youtube videos and online resources. Here are the specifications...
  4. L

    Computer Crashes Often and I am Unable to Render my Video Project in Adobe Media Encoder

    There are multiple problems that have occured on my computer since around, or maybe later than, March 8th of this year. Basically, if I use intensive programs, my computer crashes. Before these problems occured, my PC was completely fine and could render projects at at most 3 hours. It never...
  5. R

    New Mid/High-End Keeps Crashing with Clean Windows Installation and Drivers

    Hi guys, I’m having troubles with a new mid/high end PC and can’t find the problem, so I’m here for help… Basically, it hangs up, sometimes with a BSOD and sometimes I just have to manually reset it. This started to happen 2 months ago, when windows got updated. That time, the BSOD had a...