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  1. FlameTail

    Question Why don't CPUs have an odd number of cores ?

    There are 2,4,6,8,10,12,14...32..128 core CPUs. But all these are EVEN numbers. CPUs with odd-number of cores are almost non-existent. WHY ? 1. Making an actual CPU die with an odd number of cores. In this scenario, I know the answer to the question. It's possible to actually make a die with...
  2. FlameTail

    Question Which is better? More E-cores or more P-cores ?

    Apple is betting on it's Big cores. The M1 Pro doubles the number of firestorm cores but halves the number of icestorm cores compared to the M1. A future 'M1 Quadra' is rumoured to have 32 Big cores and just 8 small cores. So, yes, Apple is focusing on it's big cores. Intel on the other hand...
  3. FlameTail

    Question How many cores do you think a desktop cpu will have in 2025 ?

    Today 16 cores is the limit for desktop consumer chips. The Ryzwn 8 5950X has 16 cores and the Core i9 12900K has 16 cores ( 7 efficiency, 8 performance). How many cores do you think the top consumer* chips will have in 2025 ? *by consumer chips i mean the Ryzen 3,5,7,9 series and Intel Core...
  4. FlameTail

    Question Performanc per Area and Performance per Watt of Apple Firestorm vs Zen 3 vs Intel Golden Cove ?

    Can someone calculate the [1] Performance per Area and [2] Performance per Watt of the following cores: 1) Apple Firestorm 2) AMD Zen 3 3) Intel Golden Cove Thanks in advance : ) Edit : I Wouldn't mind values of Sunny Cove if Golden Cove isn't available.