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    Custom component manufacturer

    Hi guys right now i am working on my product ( a fully upgradeable all in one ) its still in concept stages i am starting my research and want to know if any one of you guys know about any brand that can build custom motherboard and a brand that cam supply touchscreen panels ( preferably hdr )...
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    Want suggestion about Mobo and Processor

    Hello guys, I want to buy new mobo, processor and ram. I'm now using ASUS M5a7mlx and phenom II x4 840 with 8 gb ddr3 ram and 1050ti 4gb gpu but many of games need support of sse4.1 in processor so want 2 buy new config . I prefer to go with AMD Ryzen 3 1200 . So If u guys give me a config...
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    What will you do with money left over from upgrading to RYZEN?

    Even with Intel's incoming response on comparable parts, what will you do with the money you save when upgrading to Ryzen? Better components? Leave it in the bank? Buy a mocka latte?
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    Pc Part Appraisal, Please Help

    I am looking to see how much I could get for these parts, either sold together or individually. Please price the parts individually too. All are slightly used but in good condition. All have their boxes except cpu. Msi gtx 970 4gb oc edition Msi 970 gaming motherboard Amd fx 8350 black edition...