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  1. S

    Cable Streaming Service question

    I have a 1TB cap a month on my cable internet. We also subscribe to the live TV streaming service on our Roku. The use of this streaming service does not count towards my 1TB data cap. My question is, how does the data running through my home network not get counted towards my data cap, if it's...
  2. Dan Silviu

    Motorola cable modem SB6121 keeps dropping off

    Hey guys, I've been having a bit of a problem with my internet from Xfinity. My modem needs to be restarted every other day to resume internet at a shitty speed. (20mbps in a 100mbps plan) I've had the modem since 2014 and it ran like a champ since recently. If anyone can recognize a specific...
  3. D

    Switching to Cat5e Ethernet Help

    I recently decided i wanted to use the existing ethernet connections in my home to connect some devices (Laptop, PS4, etc.) with faster speed, but one look at the cabinet with all of the Cat5e and Coax cables and I was lost. I have an Xfinity Gateway (Arris TG1682G). All the rooms I want the...
  4. John Connor

    Please read our Terms of Service to keep your account active

    PSA Just got this E-mail. It states: With a link that says, "Terms Of Service Update Link." Almost clicked the fucker until my gut kicked in as to the assery that is Comcast asking me to accept new terms like this and the from E-mail came from the domain So I...