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  1. S

    UN75AU8000FXZA, 2021 Model

    HDR question (in Windows 10). I'm having an issue with HDR gaming on Windows 10, there's terrible color banding (in Elden Ring for example) when I click "HDR" under Windows Display. What I find strange is that the TV itself isn't detecting that my PC is in HDR though it does detect the PS5 in...
  2. McDohl

    Terrible Color Banding Issue (Nvidia). Help?

    Hello, I never had an issue with color banding until about a few months ago. I noticed this around when I replaced my old TV for a Vizio 4K D Series TV so I figured that was the issue. Well, now I have a KS8000 and when this issue continued to persist I knew something was up. Here are some...