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  1. Mantrid-Drone

    Question Sector Size Confusion WD HDD

    I have a 160GB WD HDD I installed as a secondary volume when I built a PC (Win7 Pro 64bit) which is partitioned approximately 40GB and 120GB. On the first partition I installed WinXP as part of a dual boot set up. The other partition is used for general storage, primarily for the XP system...
  2. EXCellR8

    Solved! Expanding Booting Windows 10 Partition on Larger Capacity SSD

    Finally made the switch to an NVMe drive from a regular SATA-III SSD since the prices have come down, but I overlooked something. Macrium Reflect wouldn't allow me to edit the size of the partition that contains Windows when I cloned it over. I was trying to jog my memory but I thought that this...
  3. Sam25

    OS Drive Cloning Query

    Hello, I wanted to clone and backup my currently running Windows 7 (x64, Ultimate) from my main rig to a separate drive for backup just in case my primary drive (120GB Samsung EVO SSD) on which I have my OS and programs installed suddenly had any issues. I would like to create a clone of the...