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  1. EXCellR8

    Ubuntu 17.10 Messes w/ 12hr Clock

    My service laptop is configured to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.10 but I'm having an issue with the clock, despite them being set with the same time zone and 12-hour format. It only happens when I boot the Ubuntu OS though. For example, I'll boot into Ubuntu and the clock will show the...
  2. M

    wtf happened?

    okay. i have my cpu running at 3.4ghz with 100mhz bus speed and stock voltage. i have turbo boost disabled. after playing rainbow yesterday i saw that my clock speed went upto 5.4ghz with 159mhz bus speed. was wondering if anyone can help me understand why this happened?
  3. ZGR

    Unusually low idle clock speeds

    Right now I'm on a road trip. I am currently running old drivers (358.91) and am noticing my 650m is idling at far lower clockspeeds than before. I am seeing the GPU idle at 68 Mhz!. The lowest I've seen it go before was 135 Mhz. I can't believe the 650M is actually able to run at 68 MHz...