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    Won't Charge Battery Again After Reaching 100%

    What would cause a Dell laptop to not charge the battery again until a reboot once the battery charge reaches 100%? If the power adapter is removed so that the charge stays under 100%, the system can continue to charge the battery, but once hitting 100% the system never charges the battery...
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    [Looking for opinions] Any Wireless Charging Amateurs? Need Your Feedback!

    Can someone give me some feedback related to BATTERY LIFE in terms of wired vs wireless charging (fast charging disabled)? I already know that fast charging CAN reduce battery life. Do we have any info on wireless charging? Since it's an inductive charging, some part of it's energy it's...
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    Wireless Qi Charging Case for Bluetooth Headphones / Fitness Tracker

    Hey guys, I would like to know your thoughts about a Wireless Qi Charging Case for bluetooth headphones / fitness tracker. This is basically a conventional charging casa with a built in battery that charges your headphones / fitness tracker (up to 6 times maybe), the difference is that when you...