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  1. bob4432

    Need some Cell Phone ADVICE!! AT&T is not taking care of business!

    I have been using AT&T cellular for years (probably 15+) and have a simple plan - 2 unlocked Galaxy S5s (SM-G900T) + 1 OldSkool Dumb phone w/ txting only (MIL who cannot control herself from gambling and doing anything to get rid of her $$ as fast as possible). This is on a paltry 1GB/Mo shared...
  2. R

    no 802.11ac in a smartphone....does it matter?

    Hi folks, I'm in need of a new cell phone and am looking very hard at the Moto G5 plus - excellent price point. My main hesitation is a lack of 802.11ac. My 4 year old S4 has it so I thought it strange for a new phone not to have it also. I can't find anything about it in an reviews they just...
  3. J

    Headed to London & France - cell service?

    What do you all do for cell/data service when you go to London & France? The wife has a iphone 6S we planned on bringing from Verizon. I looked at the international rates and was blown away... For data its like $10 a day to use your data/voice like you are in the States. We are headed for 10...