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  1. mmooppiiee

    Question why won't my rgb on my case and fans light up?

    hello everyone, i have an evetech ares gaming case with 4 rgb fans and 2 rgb light strips. i don't know exactly when it happened, but i think i was playing minecraft when all my rgb froze in one colour. i turned off my pc and back on and there was no rgb. my fans were spinning but there was no...
  2. T

    Question Why is my GPU getting such hot temps? is it because of airflow?

    My GPU temps climbs higher and higher when gaming until it reaches about 80 degrees Celsius and crashes. I'm starting to wonder if it's because of airflow. I live in Sweden with about 22-23 degrees in my room. I have a Ryzen 2700x together with a Corsair Hydro H115i PRO RGB AIO in front as...
  3. jsimenhoff

    Win an Antec DF500 RGB mid tower gaming case and more!

    ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE We teamed up with Antec to bring you a giveaway for two computer building starter bundles. Our first prize winner will receive the DF500 RGB mid tower gaming case and HCG750 Bronze PSU, and our second place winner will get the P5 micro-ATX case and the...
  4. S

    Delta AFC1512DG DG168 fan, 150mm DC 12v 1.80A: ???

    I'm looking for a high air pressure cooling fan that ideally makes 55dB noise or less. When I search ebay for 150mm Delta fans, all that shows up is dozens of new and used AFC1512DG's for sale. I find no ratings (cfm, air pressure, dB) anywhere for this model, and Delta doesn't list it on its...
  5. D

    What about a desk case?

    Hello! I want to build a system for my office. Initially, I was looking for a PC case, but two things: #1 - I don't ever use pens and paper, and desks with lols of drawers is a waste. #2 - I have limited space. #3 - I wanted one system for my video use and one system to act as my database server...
  6. CyberCat3

    Node 202 Case fans.

    Can anyone recommend some case fans that will fit in the Node 202?