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  1. W

    Question LED Switch flickering, Fans not spinning

    Hey there, I recently bought the „Matrexx 70 3F add-rgb“ case which contains several pre-installed rgb-fans and other rgb stuff. Having moved all my hardware from my old case, everything seems to perform smoothly, besides 2 issues: - The front fans are not spinning. Their built in rgbs do work...
  2. T

    Question RGB Fans not lighting up

    Hi Everyone, I've recently built a new computer and I purchased this case for my build https://pcpartpicker.com/product/8wXnTW/cooler-master-masterbox-mb520-rgb-atx-mid-tower-case-mcb-b520-kgnn-rgb. Every seems to be working well except for the front fan lights. While I have the fans functioning...
  3. S

    Question Can't control chassis fan speed

    I recently started my 3rd PC build and have never ran into this issue before. I have Rosewill Prism S-Black case and a ASRock AB350 PRO4 motherboard. For some reason I cannot control any of the 4 pre-installed case fans neither through software nor through the BIOS. I have tried using the BIOS...
  4. jsimenhoff

    Win an Antec DF500 RGB mid tower gaming case and more!

    ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE We teamed up with Antec to bring you a giveaway for two computer building starter bundles. Our first prize winner will receive the DF500 RGB mid tower gaming case and HCG750 Bronze PSU, and our second place winner will get the P5 micro-ATX case and the...
  5. N

    how can I install multiple case fan??

    hi how can i add multiple case fan into my system ?? MY system config:- I7 6800K RAM DDR4 16gb single... X99a MSI motherboard cpu fan CM Hyper 212x CM 912half normal graphic card ( but add atleast 1080p GC in future) I bought 3 fan ... 2 Cooler master sickle flow x 120mm and 1 arctic...
  6. Q

    Input current of this fan?

    Does anyone know what the input current current (amps) of this fan is? https://pcpartpicker.com/product/x8DwrH/cougar-case-fan-cfd12hbb I checked their website, but they didn't say. I need it to be below .3 amps for what I'm planning with a fan controller. I assume it is indeed below that...
  7. Q

    Is this TOO much positive pressure?

    I've been deliberating on what fans to include in the Thermaltake Core V21 case. I've thought of replacing the stock 200mm fan with one that has blue led, and I've thought of putting a 140mm blue led pwm fan in the rear as exhaust. The 200mm fan's cfm is 148.7 while the 140mm fan's cfm is 20-97...
  8. S

    Do I need an extra ntake or exhaust fan to create positive air pressure for my system?

    Hey guys, I’m thinking of adding more fans to my system, to cool my GPU and more importantly in controlling the amount of dust getting in to my pc case. Thus I’m hoping to set up a positive air pressure with more intake airflow than exhaust. However I am confused with the following, because...