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  1. M

    Question How to use overhead DVD player?

    So I am currently doing this truck camper build on my pickup and wanted to add a small overhead DVD player to the setup. However, I want to be able to use my iPhone with this as I will be on the road for months at a time and don’t want to have to waste storage space with DVDs. Anyways, I have...
  2. A

    Downshifting with old car

    Hello, I recently got my license, and since im a uni student I drive my family's old car, a fiat punto 1996. With this car I cannot downshift from any gear to its lower (from 4th->3rd, or 3rd->2nd, or 2nd->1st) till i speed down a lot. For example i hit 1.900 rpm in 3rd and i have to go to...
  3. S

    Insurance Claim Advice

    Hi, I recently rammed my car into a tree while parking it (unintentionally pressed accelerator instead of break). The hood is damaged and one of the head light glass is broken. I took the car to couple of auto body shops and they recommended I use Insurance claim as the cost would be high (>...
  4. TurtleCrusher

    What is your opinion of the Chevrolet Volt?

    My wife and I were just rear ended by an SUV while in our Honda Fit and will be getting a check for it shortly. We're thinking about a pre-owned volt. As this car is a hybrid/electric w/ electric drive is there anything special I should be aware of? I have a 110v outlet in my carport that I can...
  5. TurtleCrusher

    No License or Insurance? Feel free to total someone elses car and only get a ticket in Portland OR.

    What the hell happened to cops going for real shit? I see people being busted all the time for fishing without a license, yet we have people able to drive without a license or insurance and total people's cars (at fault no less) with no penalty. TL : DR Got rear ended at a light, guy going...
  6. L

    $1,500 for Rear Bumper cover replacement?

    Hey guys, I was recently involved in an accident where a guy swerved into my lane, causing the car in front if me and myself to brake suddenly, howver I was hit in the rear and pushed into the car in front of me. Insurance will cover the damage to the car in front of mine if they determine that...
  7. B

    Car audio power caps

    Does anyone yif u can hook to a cap via the terminal posts without the screws that actually go n2 the middle of the terminal posts?
  8. J

    Front left speaker keeps crackling

    this is my first time here but couldn't find answers anywhere from other sites. I have a 2015 Nissan Versa note that I installed 4 speakers into. I then went to Darells car audio to have a 4 channel amp installed for the speakers and a subwoofer with a seperate amp for that. My front left...
  9. D

    A camera in your car?

    I am a 25 year old college student, and yeah I know “aren’t you a little old for college?” I started to realize how adulting really works now. Working an entry level full time job only helps with the bill, and not to mention you have to live with like 5 strangers in a random house in the...