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    Wireless Network for Security Cameras

    I am getting ready to install a number of wireless security cameras to record 24/7 and have a few questions. Will this bog the wireless network down? Should I dedicate a wireless router or AP for the security cameras? What is the best setup to maintain optimal wireless connectivity of all devices?
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    A camera in your car?

    I am a 25 year old college student, and yeah I know “aren’t you a little old for college?” I started to realize how adulting really works now. Working an entry level full time job only helps with the bill, and not to mention you have to live with like 5 strangers in a random house in the...
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    Live view HD video for exhibition

    Hi, I'm planning an exhibition about photogrammetry and need to display live video on two monitors each with their own camera positioned above like a webcam. The reason something other than a webcam is required is to show one zoom display and one wide angle display to show the distortion in...