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    Question Is the system compatible?

    Hello. I collected the system below on the pcpartpicker site and it shows that there is no problem. Just showing this note ASRock Z690M Phantom Gaming 4 micro ATX LGA1700 motherboard has an additional 4-pin ATX power connector but it is not available on the powerspec gfm 750W 80+ gold certified...
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    Question Please make a list of components for me under 850 USD

    Hi. This is my first build that I need help with. All information is here. Link removed My budget is as specified 850 USD. When you have free time after your exams, please create another "Build My PC" thread (without the Google Drive link) if you still need help. AT Mod Usandthem
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    A $500 Gaming PC that fits in a backpack (1080p 60fps)

    Over the past month I challenged myself to build something cheap that could achieve high framerates in 1080p in most modern games for a very low price, as well as being small enough to carry around wherever I go. I finished that build just a few days ago, and I'd like to share it with the...