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  1. J

    Question Nvidia Automatic Tuning HELP NEEDED

    I turned on automatic tuning on my rtx 2060 and all my games are running worse now how do i turn it off the reset button doesnt do anything its a major problem i dont know what to do with my pc
  2. F

    Question I need advice for recovering a hard-drive? please read!

    About half a year ago I realized that my external hard-drive that I bought on amazon was malfunctioning, I had noticed there was a connection problem even before that, it would connect and disconnect rapidly sometimes, but I didn't think much of it cause my files were still there. then 1 day...
  3. S

    Small motherboard piece broken dont know what it does

    I just got this motherboard for my pc build. I was opening everything up and when I opened my hard drive it slipped and fell onto the motherboard breaking a small piece off. I have no idea what this piece does. I hope and dont need to get a new motherboard. Plz answer ASAP. This is a MSI...
  4. ZGR

    Geforce Experience Overlay disabled?

    This happens to me about 3 times a year, where I must reinstall Windows from scratch to get Geforce Experience's overlay to even work. I tried uninstalling everything + DDU, downgrading Geforce Experience, reinstalling all Microsoft redistributables... I am sick of this problem occuring. I...
  5. O

    zeppelin speaker wont work?? any help much appreciated

    I have a bowers and Wilkins zeppelin. The led doesn’t come on and it shows no indication of power or audio. The lead is fine as it works with another speaker. I have opened it and noticed some discolouration around one of the ceramic disk capacitors could this be the issue? Everything else looks...
  6. EXCellR8

    Titan Black NO VIDEO - Onboard Works

    I think my older Titan may have kicked the bucket. I am trying to produce video with one of my Gigabyte Z87 boards (latest BIOS) but have been unsuccessful. Power supply is 700W, should be adequate, but I see nothing when the computer is on. Removing the VGA card and enabling onboard graphics...
  7. EXCellR8

    Everything that sucks about my Ryzen build

    I needed my own thread, which is typically a bad sign, but there's already enough Ryzen related topics in CPU & motherboard forums. There's a laundry list of things that I need to figure out so I think that this should be helpful. Anyway, on to the issues at hand: this would be the 1700 on the...
  8. P

    US Navy Aviation Fleet Broken According to DefenseNews, 62 percent of U.S. Navy fighters are down for maintenance. Meanwhile 27 percent need major depot work, while 35 percent are waiting for spare parts. Of the Navy's 1,700...
  9. G

    Samsung S32D850T USB ports stopped working

    Have the above monitor. No issues for at least 8 months. Recently, after a pc reboot, noticed my mouse wasn't working (which is plugged into the monitor). Anyways, after much troubleshooting, discovered none of the ports on the monitor are recognized. Tried different cables, different ports...
  10. EXCellR8

    Sapphire RX480 8GB Nitro OC - No video, Win 10

    Finally got around to finalizing the setup on my Z170 i5 computer and everything was going swimmingly until I went to install AMD drivers for a brand new RX 480 8GB... AMD drivers being the Achilles heel of any good machine of course. OS install went fine, as did the MSI board drivers, but...