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    Discussion So, How Does Flashing a GPU BIOS Actually 'Brick' the Card?

    I can guess on some 'basic' reasons: Power Outage / System Crash - Enter incomplete and or corrupt values in memory addresses such that the card can't figure out what to do anymore. Using a Different Card / Maker BIOS - Different order of memory addresses and or different sizes of memory...
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    changing bios chip

    Hi I have a 970A-G46 motherboard when i was updating the bios it froze so i manually shut it off and now there is no post i want to change the chip but it is soldered on i could technically do it i have the tools but will that fix it?
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    Help with borked flash on 2 980Ti hybrids

    In my quest to push my two hybrid Ti's to the max I flashed both cards one after the other using what I thought was a good rom instead of flashing one to make sure every thing was good before bricking my over card as well. Still kicking myself for that but I was wise enough to save each cards...